Call for project: Thyme

I heard, on january 2019 that my australian friend, Thyme,  was in hot dry times.
So I shawn him the snow we just got


and then I made quickly a 3Dvideo

Thyme replied with that one:

I played with but of course it was impossible to get 3D

But Thyme had been very kind to make a movie around the boots,

so we have that now:

Also in 3D:


And as Snakey was around


he made a second movie , so I got that:

Here in 3D

What about the « Call for project » .. »I love your tools ..etc »

Well, I think that the place where the artist lives is the place to create!

And Thyme is an artist who built his own tool to create 3D art.



…The famous boots!


Here in video:

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